PA HB14 will DEFUND sanctuary campuses!

Coming up on the docket in Pennsylvania is House Bill 14, which will, if enacted, make it illegal for colleges and universities to refuse entry of immigration officials, as well as to instruct staff not to share immigration statuses of students.  This will deconstruct the efforts that schools around the state (and country) are taking to become sanctuary campuses.

Find your legislators’ phone numbers here and give them a call as soon as possible to express your opinion.


2 thoughts on “PA HB14 will DEFUND sanctuary campuses!

  1. Hey KD!

    Great question. In the coming weeks, as we roll past May Day, we (the Not a Rhino Team) will ramp up our coverage of movements across the nation, and provide even more resources for engaging and organizing sustainably. Here’s a quick sneak peek at what we’ve been thinking…

    – Weekly Stampede emails (you can sign up for these at, or by scrolling down to the bottom of this page) which cover protests *and other resistance events* happening near you;
    – Increased outreach to organizations to build a stronger network (if you have any personal connections, please show them this site!);
    – Increased outreach to people across the country through a cascading snowflake-like model (i.e. everyone reaches out to five friends); and finally
    – A podcast (or Rhinocast) featuring quality interviews with grassroots organizers from movements ranging from healthcare reform to civil rights.

    If you have any suggestions, please feel free to reply here, or contact us directly through our contact form above (called Any Questions?)! Thank you for everything you are already doing, and your interest in Not a Rhino.

    As always, not capitulating,

    Jacob Demree (part of the Not a Rhino Team)


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