Our Plan

Phase I: Initiate Outreach (May 11-June 15)

I-A: Individuals

  • Distribute literature
  • Broadcast events
  • Write letters to the editor

I-B: Organizations

  • Distribute literature
  • Make space for advertising on website/Stampede
  • Begin interviews for Rhinocast
  • Post events on Action Map

I-C: Important Figures

  • Reach out to authors of articles, organizations, legislators

Phase II: Establish Consistency (June 15-July 20)

II-A: Individuals

  • Weekly Stampede emails
  • Consistent Rhinocasts
  • Frequent updating of website

II-B: Organizations

  • Schedule for highlighting in media
  • Ask for feedback
  • Share feedback/photos/videos of events

II-C: Important Figures

  • Include articles/guest essays
  • Regular contact

Phase III: Ensure Future Maintenance and Growth (July 20-)

III-A: Individuals

  • Start snowflake method
  • Set schedule for inputting contact information, posting, interviewing, etc.
  • Reach out for feedback/leadership
  • Publish letters to the editor

III-B: Organizations

  • Ask that they advertise a little (with logo and website?)
  • Reach out for feedback
  • Find connections to other organizations and create schedule for dealing with this

III-C: Important Figures

  • Continue reaching out
  • Ask for advertising?
  • Reach out for feedback
  • Inclusion in published materials